Scanning Documents Directly From Printer To Online Storage. I Just Did It. You Should Too.

I just tested out Epson’s WF-3540 printer capability to send a scanned document straight from the printer (scanner) to an online service – it works quite well.

HP, Lexmark, Dell and other vendors have similar capabilities as well.

I’m sure the process will be different with each printer, here’s how I did it with the Epson printer.

1. Download the Epson Cloud Connect software to your computer

2. The software found the printer on my network and connected the printer “to the cloud”

3. I then added Dropbox as one of the online services for the printer to scan to, in the Epson Connect online service web site (I could have added Google Drive, Evernote or others as well)

While Epson could have done a better job in making the process easier, for those who are technically inclined you’ll figure it out pretty easily. For those who are nervous of technology – you’ll figure it out eventually or just call your printer vendor for help, or your local tech consultant.

Cloud printing, which I’ve written about so many times, works and works well.

It’s nice to scan a document and have it sent directly to Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote and etc.


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