Should You Lease Your Website? And other Silly Ideas Businesses Should Run From

I recently got a press release from a company with a “new service”. They’ll let you lease a web site and domain for $99 a month.

While this might sound neat – run from it.

Sure you lease your car and can give it back or ditch it and buy another one.  You can’t or SHOULD NOT do this with your web site.

After 2 years, you’ve hopefully built traffic to the web site, your customers know the web site and ideally a big part of the life of your business is tied to that web site. That’s something you should OWN.

What bothers me is that companies think of these “neat” ideas as marketing gimmicks and then small business owners, who so desperately want help, fall for these things.

Instead of thinking of your web site and business as two separate things – think of them as one. Would you ever LEASE the name of your company? Of course not – it’s an asset you would OWN outright.

Other things to RUN from

  • anyone who says they can guarantee your web site a top listing on Google is lying; through hard work this can happen but any guarantees are not true
  • don’t pay thousands of dollars for someone to slap a template on your web site and call that an upgrade
  • quality help is not free
  • don’t try to everything yourself; you’re an expert in what your business sells, hire others to help you run your business
Web site solutions?
WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Intuit – all have great web site building tools
istockphoto – awesome recourse for web site images
Elance – great source to find and manage tech help
SCORE – free help for your business

Before you invest in your web site or other online aspects of your business make sure you discuss the options with a professional who you trust.

Don’t have anyone you trust? Email me and I’ll help you.


One thought on “Should You Lease Your Website? And other Silly Ideas Businesses Should Run From

  1. Jason Jersey

    Great article. It’s absolutely nuts that anyone would consider such a thing. $10 a year and 1 click of a mouse to install WordPress and you’re in fairly good shape. There is literally a ton of free themes online too if you do not know how to build your own.


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