Skip The Bank. Hackers Want Your Car, Home and Implanted Medical Devices

I hope I don’t scare you or freak you out. But hackers might find breaking into banks and other formerly tasty targets boring. Instead, modern hackers are exploring how they can hack into your car, your home or even access the medical devices implanted in your body.

There’s little we consumers can do except to put pressure on device manufactures to ensure their products are as secure as and that they educate buyers in how to make them as “hacker unfriendly” as possible.

The New York Times writes, “Hackers and security researchers are moving away from simply trying to break into — or protect — people’s e-mail accounts, stealing credit cards and other dirty digital deeds. Now they’re exploring vulnerabilities to break through the high-tech security of homes, cause car accidents or in some extreme cases, kill people who use implanted medical devices.

“Once any single computer in a car is compromised, safety of the vehicle goes out the window,” Mr. Miller said in an e-mail interview. Modern cars typically have 10 to 40 little computers in them.”

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While I don’t think you need to panic I do think you need to be VIGILANT. Keep in mind hacks done for research often work much different and more optimally than in the real world – but still – be vigilant.

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