Task Management Tool Asana Gets in Touch With Its Googly Side

Today, the Internet has about 2.4 billion users. Do you know how many of them are using Google products? Anywhere between 42 and 63 percent of them, according to Pingdom. That’s a significant chunk of the Internet relying solely on Google and all its products. In all likelihood, you are among that percentage which uses at least one of its products. So, it goes without saying that it would be advantageous for a task management provider, like Asana, to cater to Google’s user base.

As a result, Asana users will now experience more integration between their favorite task management service and Google in their new update. Here’s what you can expect from it:

  • New Chrome Extension – Asana has updated its Google Chrome extension to give you the ability to add tasks to your project queues from your browser while surfing through any other website. You no longer have to log in to the interface to do this, saving you some time. You’ll also get the ability to write notes with this update.
  • “Attach From Google Drive” – Until its latest update, Asana users were only able to attach files from their own computers or from Dropbox. The new interface now adds a third option that lets you attach files from Google Drive, giving you a broader span of choices with less hassle. In the past, you had to download files to your computer from your Drive before attaching them.
  • New Android App! – The new Asana Android app offers a couple of new features, including push notifications, which keep you informed as projects progress. While you’re away from your home computer, you can also attach files through the app, giving you a new level of flexibility from your mobile device.
  • Synchronize With Google Calendar – It’s only natural that a task management service allow you to synchronize with a powerful calendar. Asana has made it possible for you and your employees to sync tasks with your respective calendars from Google, allowing you to harness the features Google provides, such as SMS notifications, to keep you organized and productive!

Nothing says “let’s get to work” like a well-integrated product that intuitively combines the best features from different worlds into one massive collaboration tool. With Asana’s new updates, you’ll get the boost you need to keep up to speed with everything going on in your business while piggybacking on its Google integration.

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