Turn Prospects into Customers Fast by Using ‘Click-to-Call’ Tech Tool

Enticing a prospect to become a customer is a challenge that has plagued business leaders since we first recognized selling as the art it truly is.  With technology getting more sophisticated every day, you would think that converting that interested prospect over to your side would be easier than ever before.  Unfortunately, you are competing not just against other businesses in your industry, but also against the general influx of information that is given to that prospect—even by your own company.  What you need to do to capture that prospect is cut through all the noise!

eVoice, the virtual phone system for small businesses, recently announced that it will launch its version of a Click-to-Call button that small business owners can put onto their websites, blog or emails.  eVoice is already known by many for its service of allowing business owners to set up a business phone line and forward it to any phone.  Adding the Click-to-Call service makes eVoice a kind of one-stop shop for phoning services, especially for small businesses.

“Most people may not want to pick up the phone or search for a phone number to dial,” says Keith Lorren, CEO of New York-based Keith Lorren Spices. “So the eVoice click to call feature makes it very comfortable and easy for a customer to reach us. They can click on that button on the website, it will route them right to our land lines, and they can talk to us and place an order directly.”

Many businesses using the Click-to-Call feature have reported an increase in prospect to customer conversions.  Comcast stated that when used with its mobile advertising, Click-to-Call has increased its click-through rates to more than 270%, and Esurance says that Click-to-Call features have improved the bottom-line of their marketing campaigns by about 25%.  Though the term Click-to-Call can be misleading (clicking on it typically is a request for the merchant to call the customer), businesses are experiencing an increase in sales when using the service on their websites or mobile ads.

The beauty of the system rests not only in the ability to speak to a prospect, but in also being able to track and analyze your calls.  Zingaya offers real time analytics that can be used to determine where your callers are coming from on the web, monitor and measure ROI, effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and sales conversions.  Zingaya plans go from free trial periods to $9.95 per month.  There are many other companies offering Click-to-Call including RingRevenue ($99 per month, after free trail), and BoldCall Express, with 100 minutes for $14.99 per month.  LivePerson provides both Click-to-Chat and Click-to-Call services and the cost of the software begins at $36 a month for subscriptions.

Click-to-Call gives businesses the opportunity to speak with prospects, answering questions and pointing to key features of products and services, while their interests are peaked.  Setting up and applying this tech tool is simple, profitable, and a strategic addition to your marketing arsenal in converting visitors to customers.

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Johnny Duncan

Johnny Duncan is a business writer with a passion for helping businesses succeed with words that win. Johnny has a MA in Human Resources Management, is PHR certified, and has coached business leaders and trained their team members in customer service, employee relations, and other people-side-of-business issues.

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