Which Types of Tech Buyer Are You? Your Type Could Determine Your Success.

Last week, Infusionsoft, all in one sales and marketing CRM software for small businesses released survey data which showed that there are four types of technology buyers in the world of small business. Depending on what type YOU are could determine your success (or not) in leveraging technology.

I find there are many business owners who are SMART but know nothing about technology and need a lot of help in how to run a successful business – you need to educate yourself.

Other business owners, are pretty business savvy but they don’t know much about technology. You must also educate yourself, not be afraid of technology and be will to see how much more productive it can make your business.

Infusionsoft’s study found that there are Strivers, Customizers, Maximizers and Supporters. Infusionsoft’s blog post reads

Strivers struggle with sales and marketing concepts and are reaching for solutions that will help them both develop a strategy for success and implement the solution with confidence. To be successful, Strivers need education on the sales and marketing strategies that will work best for their businesses as well as help selecting and implementing new technologies. 

Customizers already have proven, systemized processes for sales and marketing in place, but are unsure of how to use technology to organize and automate their businesses. They are skeptical about using technology to automate the personal touch they’ve used to build their businesses but also recognize that their current manual processes won’t scale for growth.

Maximizers have already organized their business around technologies that help them automate their sales and marketing to be more efficient and get results. That said, they recognize the value of software and are continually looking for new solutions that can give them a competitive advantage. They are more likely than other groups to invest the time to research and implement new systems.

More than any other group, Supporters are proud of their small business identity and actively support small business interests in their community. They prefer to purchase technology from vendors that demonstrate support for the small business community and connect with them as entrepreneurs.

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