Why Getting Away Releases Your Creative Juices and Helps Spawn Your Best Ideas

Have you ever taken a soothing shower and some idea just popped into your head? It probably was a good one, wasn’t it? Some of the best ideas come up when people are relaxed and, most importantly, happy. But how does unloading in a sauna-like environment help people achieve this kind of mantra? Is it the atmosphere?

There’s actually a science behind this, and it not only explains how showers lead to better and more inspiring ideas, but especially how things like taking vacations can help significantly boost this process.

Let’s talk about the facts behind this weird phenomenon and, most importantly, how taking a vacation can help you gain insights into new frontiers of thought:

  • Dopamine is a natural drug released by the brain in the proper environment. If you find yourself sitting in a beautiful house nestled in a faraway place, the amount of dopamine in your brain can surge, leading you to be omnipotently creative. Basically, chilling out gives you superpowers. Dr. Alice Flaherty, a neurologist who wrote a book called the Midnight Disease, concluded that dopamine goes hand-in-hand with creativity, saying that “people vary in terms of their level of creative drive according to the activity of the dopamine pathways of the limbic system.”

  • Moving out of your bubble, away from the daily grind, can help you significantly boost your creative energies.

  • Being in a foreign environment makes you more alert. Because you’re no longer home, you’re more aware of your surroundings. You may have moments in which you channel this awareness towards your creative processes. While brainstorming, you might even realize that you come up with cooler ideas!

  • During vacations, you get some “me” time that you may be missing at home. Because of this, your sense of insight sharpens.

Of course, it always helps to have someone to brainstorm with and that’s where The Ignition Lab comes in.  The Ignition Lab is a 5-Day, all-inclusive, international immersion for 6 unique individuals looking to transform their side hustle from something they’re trying to do, into something that works.  It’s a place to enact change in your business, you and in others while pushing the limits of your comfort zone. The Ignition Lab is a workshop-ish kind of vacation where you get to spend time with other entrepreneurs and two individuals who have helped many businesses get on their feet – Antonio Neves and Bassam Tarazi. Both men have helped sow the seeds of creativity in the minds of several entrepreneurs in a series of very pampering vacations where you get to chill out and get in a different zone.

The method behind the madness is simple: If you spend some time away from the daily hustle and bustle of chores, projects, and life in general, you get a front-row seat into your own mind. Remember the dopamine I spoke about in the first point? This is your chance to flood yourself with it as you take a relaxing vacation and throw ideas at some of the best minds in entrepreneurship.

“Being away from the normal and connecting with others who have completely different backgrounds and interests seemed to push me and my company into an entire new realm. I would do the Ignition Lab again in a heartbeat-seriously.” , said Lindsay Amerault, Founder of Radworks Studios and former Ignition Lab participant.

Check out this video on The Ignition Lab:

Applications for the next Ignition Lab excursion, which will take place in Nicaragua, are open until August 18, 2013 and you can apply here.

Whether you’re just getting started in the business world or want new ideas that will take an already-established business in a new and better direction, your best chance to do this would be to take some time off in a happy place full of people who can help you hone in on your best ideas!

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