3 Reasons Microsoft Is Buying Nokia for $7 Billion. 4 Ways Small Business Owners Will Benefit.

My son recently purchased a Nokia Lumia – he loves it. (see his video here)

It’s cool, it’s hip, it takes great photos – he loves the tiles. He’s even dropped it a few times and it works just fine.

I’ve been trying out a Dell Latitude 10 tablet, running Windows 8 – it works quite well.

So why is Microsoft buying Nokia?

Microsoft has been king of the traditional PC software industry – which is quickly fading.

As Gary Vaynerchuck keeps the world is quickly turning to a MOBILE dominated world. Already the world of  “cloud computing” is a major force – so major that I think we can stop talking about it – like we don’t drool over WiFi any more.

So this leads me to Microsoft, buying all of Nokia for $7 billion dollars. It’s already had a partnership with Nokia – announced in 2011.

Google and Apple already own MOST of the mobile phone market. Microsoft is pretty far behind.

However, there is still a FIGHTING chance that if Microsoft makes the right moves and pleases the market (not Wall Street- but its customers) that it can GROW and capture more of the mobile market and mind share. It’s got to keep fighting VERY hard to own more of the market for online applications – Dropbox is kicking it’s butt in online file storage and Google has so much brain share in the online collaboration space. But Microsoft has a chance – more than a chance – a huge opportunity.

It MUST get MORE applications onto the Windows 8 phone platform – there are NOT enough of the applications we all use and love – like Tripit.

It MUST showcase that it’s online applications are not just second rate services – but that they are as good as or better than any that Google or other competitors have.

So why is Microsoft buying all of Nokia?

  • To own a soup to nuts mobile platform (software and hardware)
  • To give it more access to the big International mobile markets
  • To enable it to better compete head to head with Google and Apple
How will your business benefit?
  1. Expect to have phones that will be even more integrated into Microsoft’s core operating system.
  2. Expect Google and Apple to invest even MORE into their mobile platforms – giving you better products
  3. Expect all vendors to drive even better prices to get you to pick THEIR platforms.
  4. Expect more of the apps you love to be on all devices and not just 1 or 2.

Read the full details of this purchase in the Wall Street Journal.

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