3 Ways Duplex Printing Can Save Your Small Business Thousands Per Year

Printing is alive and well in the American workplace, costing businesses thousands of dollars in paper and printer consumables. This leads many businesses to look for ways to reduce these costs and print more efficiently. Duplex printing is one option to consider and here are three ways that it can save your small business thousands of dollars per year.

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3 Ways Duplex Printing Can Save Your Small Business Thousands Per Year


According to a recent survey, the average employee prints 34 pages per day, with 17 percent of those pages never being used. For that reason, many businesses are opting to make duplex printing the default for each of its office printers, cutting costs by thousands of dollars each year. Duplex documents make full use of both sides of each side of paper, creating shorter document stacks without impacting the readability of the text on each page.

Paper Costs

Whether your concerns are for the environment or for your business’s bottom line, there’s no denying one-sided printing is wasting resources. The same amount of toner is used, granted, but by getting 1,000 print pages out of every 500-page ream of paper, businesses can stretch paper budgets twice as far.

With each case of copy paper costing $50 and up, workplaces that enforce duplex printing by default find they are able to free up funds for other things. When less paper is ordered, less paper is created, thereby preserving forests and avoiding the emissions that occur during the daily production of reams of paper.

Postage Costs

One ream of standard copy paper weighs several pounds, which can be costly to mail. For a business like a legal firm that is regularly required to mail sizeable stacks of paper, postage costs can easily add up to thousands each month. When documents must be mailed, duplex printing can make a big difference in printing costs, including allowing businesses to use less expensive packaging like manila envelopes.

Save Storage Space

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the amount of money they’re spending on wasted office space. Unused conference rooms are being repurposed into office spaces and years of files are being scanned and shredded.

With duplex printing, those paper files that must be kept can be stored in half the space. File rooms can be reduced to half their original sizes, allowing businesses to continue to grow without moving to larger office spaces.

Smaller file rooms aren’t the only way offices can free up space. Because offices can survive for twice as long on a case of paper, they can get away with a few cases at a time, which can be easily stored in a small amount of space. This allows businesses to keep work areas clean while still having enough paper on hand to meet daily printing needs.

To get the most out of duplex printing capabilities, businesses should first choose printers that allow automatic duplexing. The new HP Officejet Pro X Series of printers, which are sold exclusively at Staples, are perfect for duplex printing jobs at high printing speed. While manual two-sided printing is possible, printers with duplexers do the work for employees, making them far more likely to utilize it. Businesses should also set up each printer to duplex by default, thereby increasing the chances that employees will use the feature for every item they print.

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