File Storage and Sharing Provider Egnyte Goes All Google On Us

What’s better than having a hybrid cloud where you can store files on- and off-premise? A hybrid cloud that also lets you import files from Google Drive, of course! Egnyte, a provider of file sharing, large file transfer, collaboration and backup services,  has recently integrated Google Drive into its platform, allowing you to make use of its storage and get files directly from Google Drive into your repository, synchronizing it with all devices with access and preparing you for any presentation on the fly.

If you’re already using Egnyte, you don’t have to do anything to get this feature. The service will be able to open and read your Google documents, displaying them on any platform, and then throw them into its own storage. This adds a level of security, since you’re no longer relying on Google’s public cloud to manage your files.  If you’ve been asking yourself why you can’t just use Google Drive, you’re missing out on the limitations that such a service presents.

Case in point: The added layer of security within Egnyte gives you complete audits of all your storage, which allows you to see who accessed a file, when it was shared, at what time it was shared, and other details that are helpful in determining whether you’re leaking out of your seams or not. With the now-added benefit of being able to import your Google documents, you’re left with a solution that offers full document collaboration added to a granular permission structure (in other words, you set folder permissions at every level), faster file transfers due to its local accessing features, and hefty file size limits (depending on your subscription).

“We know the files employees need in order to do their jobs can live anywhere in an enterprise.  Our unique hybrid approach provides a unified namespace for all these files, no matter where they reside,” said Egnyte CEO Vineet Jain.  “This new Google Drive integration makes enterprise users even more productive by providing a single, simple view into all files they have access to, no matter where those files are located – on-premise, in the cloud, or in Google Drive.”

Egnyte’s smallest plan offers 1 TB of storage, a file size limit of 2.5 GB, and up to 24 employee accounts at $8 per employee per month. If you’d like to double everything (and quadruple the amount of employees you can add), you’ll have to pay $15 per employee per month.

This new integration is powerful for those storing many documents in the cloud, especially if you need to keep folder permissions organized and keep track of how data flows within your company. The additional security and speed at which you can find and synchronize documents alone is worth the investment!

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