Engajer Takes Social Media Engagement To The Next Level With Innovative Video Tool

Finding the right combination of social media platforms to use for promoting your business is not just a challenge, but often times a struggle of balancing precious time between promotional efforts and other business activities.  Thankfully, user-friendly tools for connecting with prospects and existing customers such as TweetDeck and Hootsuite will help to increase your consistency of communication without consuming too much of your time.  engajer, another helpful tool, recently announced that users can now embed interactive video presentations directly into their Facebook pages to delivery company information.

Businesses are always looking to find other innovative ways to market on Facebook and engage followers.  What engajer does is provide a video platform that breaks down a company’s content into simple to understand segments of 30 seconds each.  Unlike YouTube, engajer allows viewers to navigate through presentations according to their preferences. In other words, viewers have the power to respond to each clip by choosing the next module to view or selecting another action, such as responding to a call to action or sending an email. It leads to deepened engagement with social media-minded Millennials as well as Generation X’ers and Baby Boomers, who also use Facebook.One engajer will take the viewer to another selection, and then another, and so forth.  These content components can then be tracked, which  provides insights into the viewers’ behaviors and the content they want to see and the content they engage with.  For an example of how it works, check out Todrick Hall’s engajer!

This interactive video presentation can be customized to fit your business and is free to get started.  There is a charge if you require the assistance of engajer to produce your video or if you choose to use its dashboard analytics tool.  The company also takes a small percentage of each revenue transaction if you are selling something through your engajer e-commerce model.  To get started, the user simply pastes a link to embed their engajer directly into their Facebook page.  And, because the visitor to your Facebook page has a short attention span, engajer fits the bill as it doesn’t take the visitor to another site when clicked on, but remains on your Facebook page.

Other tools for enhancing brand engagement on Facebook have proven helpful to small businesses.  One such a tool is Alerti, a social media monitoring and management service that scans online press, blogs, forums, and social networks allowing you to follow what is being said about you, your brand or your competitors on the Internet.  Comparatively, the beauty of engajer is that you get to offer topics, or “engajers” about your business and the viewer gets to choose what they want to learn about you.  The viewer gets these little bites about your company and what you have to offer.

Engaging your prospects and customers via social media can sometimes feel like a full-time job.  Cool tools like engajer can lighten the burden offering something more than static ads to help increase your company’s exposure and profitability.

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Johnny Duncan

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