Eventbrite Bought Lanyrd: 2 Reasons It Matters To Your Business

If you do not want to build your own web site and back end ticketing system for an event, there are very few ways to easily get it done. Evenbrite is the leading way to do this and I host most of my events and run most of my ticket sales through Evenbrite.

I produce a lot of events, small events with a few people, big events with hundreds of people and events in between such as the upcoming Small Biz Big Things (hosting Seth Godin).

Last week Lanyrd announced that they’ve been acquired by Eventbrite. It’s a perfect combination. Lanyrd makes it easy to ORGANIZE your event content and speakers. Check it our for yourself.

Congrats to Lanyrd and Eventbrite.

This marriage is important for two main reasons:

1. You now have a very easy way to organize the ticket sales of events

2. You now have a very easy to way organize the logistics of the event

Together you now have one seamless solution.

In my presentation on building your personal brand I advocate the producing events is one of the best ways to solidify and boost your personal brand even further.

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