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As per a 2012 survey by CDW (a leading provider of technology solutions for business) 94 percent of small business users believed that mobile devices had made them more efficient. On the other hand 51 percent of IT managers surveyed expressed concerns on the security of mobile devices being used. 

The threat of malicious cyber attacks to small and medium sized businesses is clear and present. With  businesses increasingly going the BYOD route, mobility management software is becoming an essential for addressing the risks associated with increased mobility.

 Mobility management software and its benefits

Mobility management software offers a comprehensive solution for securing mobile devices being used by all employees. It is essential for protecting the information being accessed through mobile devices as well as for controlling the content being downloaded, whether its files or mobile applications. The main benefits of deploying mobility management software include the following:

1. Securing and monitoring usage on mobile devices

  • All mobile devices used in the company can be centrally equipped with the security firewalls as per company policy
  • Control application download and track usage of approved applications.
  • Secure company information through encrypted access to files on their mobile devices and prevent file download
  • In case of theft or loss, remotely access and delete all information stored on the mobile device
  •  Secure the office wireless network against possible attacks

2. Reducing cost of using mobile device

  • Obtain expense management reports on all mobile devices used by staff.  Use this information to identify mobile devices which are no longer in official use and to optimize mobile device plans based on usage.
  •  Some mobility software companies also offer discounts negotiated with individual carriers and mobile device companies

 3. Lessening the administrative burden of mobile device procurement and management

  •  Reduce time for new device procurement and activation through a pre approved ordering system
  • A centralized portal for new device guidance, troubleshooting and upgrades, will free existing staff to focus on their core functions.

Mobility management software solutions

 Listed below are some of the paid mobility management solutions

Total Mobility Management (TMM) by CDW  Besides providing mobile security and network access control, the TMM solution includes a mobility management portal. The portal enables cross-carrier device selection, activation, configuration and deployment, providing employee choice for corporate-owned device programs. The portal also consolidates wireless expenses and provides reports for tracking, analysis, and invoice payment.

Steve Zimmer, commodities purchasing manager at Stepan Company (a specialty chemicals producer  located in Northfield) had this to say on the TMM software – “The portal services that we employ has produced a 20 to 25 percent reduction in our mobile expenses. Just as importantly, I was spending 60 to 80 percent of my time just fixing people’s problems with their devices.  That payoff was almost immediate – and I’m back to doing the rest of my job now”.

Pricing for CDW’s subscription based mobility management services ranges from $2.99 to $12.99 monthly per device, depending on features, number of devices, and custom features.  Setup fees may also apply.

BoxTone: The BoxTone Enterprise Mobile Management software covers both mobile device management and mobile service management  .  The key features include automated mobility usage reports, auto-push feature for configuring device settings as per current policy and real-time application management controls.  Fill an online form for a free demo and a price quote.

GLOBO: The GO!Enterprise Mobility in a Box has been developed as an off-the-shelf  mobility solution for small and medium businesses. It includes a secure cloud-based file storage service which allows employees to easily store, access and share documents from their mobile devices, PCs or laptops. Other features include secured instant messaging, secure mobile browser and  software for building your own mobile applications. The price for the GO!Enterprise Mobility in a Box is $699 per annum for 10 devices. Additional devices are supported via upgrade packages. 

Mobile technology management solutions can help your business securely transition to a mobile office environment while also taking away the administrative pinpricks that accompany the management of mobile devices. 

If you are still on the  fence on the benefits of mobility management software for your business, you can consider some of the free mobile device management solutions my colleague Miguel Leiva-Gomez had reviewed in a recent post.

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