Sage Executives Pile Into RV and Travel Across North America To Listen To Customers

On August 28th, Sage, a leading provider of business management software and services for more than 6 million small and mid-sized businesses worldwide, concluded its 16-city, 50-day Sage Listens RV Relay. The trek, which started in Charlotte, NC on July 10th, took them across the U.S., with a final stop in Irvine, CA and was designed as a way for Sage executives to personally visit customers across the U.S., to build stronger relationships, help customers maximize their software investments and encourage a “Shop Local” commitment.

A recent study showed that local retailers return up to 68 percent of their revenue to the local economy in the form of locally purchased wages, goods, services, profits and donations; whereas larger businesses spend only 43 percent locally. Through the “Shop Local” commitment, Sage is encouraging consumers and businesses to support businesses locally based in their communities to generate this higher local revenue return. During their trek, the Sage team did just that – they bought food and beverages from their local customers as well as stayed in their hotels in order to support the commitment.

The final leg of the U.S. RV Relay brought Sage executives on a three-day trek down the coast of California, beginning in Santa Barbara and ending in Los Angeles. Meeting many customers along the way, like Ventura, CA based Ventura Coastal – a producer of citrus juices, oils and related products, and MuckerLab – a Los Angeles based startup accelerator, the team heard first hand stories about the day-to-day challenges these companies face and ways they’ve achieved success and overcome challenges.

Los Angeles is the third-largest metropolitan economy in the world, and small business owners in the area have a positive mindset about the overall well-being of their businesses. Nearly 70 percent of owners anticipate their revenue to increase over the next year, and nearly half plan on hiring more employees.

“Consumer confidence is widespread throughout the Los Angeles small business community, setting the perfect example for other small business owners throughout the country,’’ said Brad Smith, executive vice president for customer experience, Sage North America. ‘’We were excited to meet with a few Sage customers in the region to see how they can continue to take full advantage of and grow their businesses.”

The RV Relay is now heading to Canada, with stops scheduled in Ottowa beginning Sept. 11th and rolling through to Toronto on Sept. 17th.

To see more about the RV Relay and read the stories of the customers they visited, visit the Sage Listens website and click on the cities they visited.


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