Small Biz Big Things Launches in NYC Sep 17 – Hosts Seth Godin and Carly Strife

Small Biz Big Things – debuts in New York City on Sep 17 and hosts Seth Godin and Carly Strife (Barkbox).

There’s two things that small business owners struggle with the most: Managing their cash flow (this includes financing, inventory, supply chain and etc) and getting more customers and keeping the ones they have.

Small Biz Big Things, sponsored by Infusionsoft (all in one online sales and marketing automation CRM software) focuses on helping small business owners INNOVATE and grow their businesses. Innovation is beyond just financing and marketing – it’s about ensuring you and your business are nimble and continue to strategically innovate to stay ahead of your competitors, to better service your customers and to be a business that’s built to last.

Small Biz Big Things speakers, Seth Godin, Carly Strife and Ramon Ray (Marketing & Technology Evangelist at Infusionsoft and will share their insight in how business owners can succeed and thrive. Put simply how small businesses can do BIG things.

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