Why I Cautiously Switched To QuickBooks Online and You Should Move Your Accounting Online Too.

I work in a 99.9% online software (cloud computing) based environment. Very little computer installed software.

All my data is backed up through one or more means and all (almost all) the software I use is via  web browser.

The ONLY main software that I use “offline”  (installed on a computer) is Microsoft Office and Quickbooks.

Microsoft Office is not a key productivity software for me as I can easily work in Google Docs or Office 365.

For my needs, computer installed software is NOT needed, except for a web browser and tools like Dropbox and Carbnoite and AVG’s anti-virus software.

A few days ago I started using QuickBooks Online for my cash flow management (accounting) needs. I’m glad I did it so I can be 100% online (very convenient) and have my bank statements more quickly reconciled.

However, I’m afraid.

Not because it’s QuickBooks Online, but for the overall issue that I’m taking one of the most important aspects of my business (money) and trusting it to the cloud.

I now better understand why there are still many business owners (not the ones who are cloud illiterate) who are very cautious of moving their enterprises to the cloud.

I’m in the midst of a not fun tax audit. My thinking is, if I need records years from now – will they be safe with Quickbooks Online? On my OWN computer that I can see and touch – I know it’s safe (unless the hard disk gets fried or something else happens – which DOES happen!).

Of course cloud computing IS SAFE. This does NOT mean there are not problems with security breaches and etc. But online computing is as safe as your bank accounts – or safer.

However, I feel the time is now to upgrade to a fully online computing world. Also, I hate having my computer slow down by firing up QuickBooks (yes I know I could install more memory).

I’ve been using Quickbooks Online for several days and I like it. It’s fast, relatively easy to use and overall works well.

I thought about using Xero (I don’t think Peachtree has an online accounting software, but they do have SageOne). However, I decided to stick with the software my accountant is most familiar with.

Another interesting “issue” has cropped up.

I’ve been using Freshbooks (which is so awesome) for my invoice management because I found Quickbooks (the software version) invoicing to be a bit complicated and cumbersome. It looks like the Quickbooks Online version invoicing tool is easier and smoother. If it is easier I’ll have a fully integrated accounting solution no double entry of Quickbooks and Freshbooks.

6 thoughts on “Why I Cautiously Switched To QuickBooks Online and You Should Move Your Accounting Online Too.

  1. John Ohman

    For your readers looking for an online SMB accounting package, I would also suggest Wave accounting. I’ve used QuickBooks Online Edition (QBOE) and while it’s fine, Wave is free for basic accounting. Payroll and credit card acceptance incurs fees, but they’re pretty reasonable. Another nice feature of Wave is that you can easily use it for both personal and business accounting and it keeps them separate. Like QBOE, you can invite your accountant to your file for free. I have no affiliation with the company, just a happy user.

  2. Jenny Owens

    Great article. I think a defacto toolbox for small business is starting to come together. Google Docs, DropBox, etc. For accounting, I’d recommend Cheqbook.com first. Or at least Wave or Xero instead of QuickbooksOnline. Freshbooks is great but it shows that they were an invoice service before they started cloud accounting.

  3. patrickrafter

    Think it’s cool that you operate in a 99.9% cloud computing based environment. I’m trying to wean myself off of MS Office because of all its limitations but want to make sure I have my ducks in a row.

    Beyond Google Docs, QuickBooks Online & Freshbooks mentioned here… do you have a list of what you’d consider “Essential SaaS for SMBs”?

    Which products do you recommend for
    Customer service
    Virtual storage and document management
    Website and video content creation, curation, hosting
    Social media management and collaboration
    Customer engagement
    Other essential biz tools?

    Now wouldn’t it be nice if all the apps played well together?! 🙂


    Patrick Rafter/Valuecasters

    • Ramon Ray

      Hey Patrick…thanks so much

      CRM – Infusionsoft
      Customer service – ReplyManager
      Virtual storage and document management – Dropbox
      Website and video content creation, curation, hosting – Youtube or Brightcove
      Social media management and collaboration – Tweet Deck, Grosocial
      Customer engagement – Infusionsoft, Batchbook
      Other essential biz tools? – evenote


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