clearString: A Web Content Management System Developed For and Catering To Small Business

When it comes to open-source, free to use content management systems, the first thing that pops into every tech-savvy’s mind would either be WordPress or Joomla. Though, they’re best at what they promise, but when we measure the quality and compatibility of their features and add-ons (plug-ins to be precise), some of us might feel a bit reluctant to use these systems – or at least the add-ons/plug-ins. The reason is quite evident – security loopholes, lack of trust on third party add-ons, synchronized updates of the system and add-ons, compatibility with the current system and the list goes on. [Please read this article by Tom Ewer to know more about the vulnerabilities of WordPress plug-ins.]

The problem is that there is no guarantee of the plug-in’s/add-on’s compatibility with the system version you’re using for your site. Whether they’ll work out for you or not totally depends on the developers’ constant updates to keep up with the system and the end user’s feedback on every product and its update.

Keeping this in mind, many companies have come up with their own free (limited functionality) or paid content management systems. These companies would develop everything for their systems in-house or at least monitor the development by third party suppliers; thereby, eliminating the fear of compatibility and security issues. Sitecore is one of the few names that has been dominating the paid CMS industry for a while but a new competition has emerged by the name clearString. The company recently announced in a press release that they have made available the newest release of the company’s integrated web CMS designed for small businesses.

So what differentiates clearString from the open-source CMS giant WordPress and a paid CMS like Sitecore?

It incorporates the best of both worlds and brings a product that has the functionality and versatility of both open-source and paid systems. For a broader understanding, let me give you a brief overview of the capability and advantages of clearString.

The Background

Built on the neatComponents™ engine, clearString is a web content management and web application development software. What makes it unique is that it is the only CMS that is built exclusively to cater the small businesses and budget centric enterprises. Building this system on the neatComponent platform has empowered clearString with commendable traits such as easy installation, creation, management and distribution of data driven web content and applications.

The Features

  • Easy one click installation.
  • Automated database installation and management.
  • Social Media integration.
  • Optimization for SEO.
  • Full integration of public (internet) and private (intranet) sites.
  • WYSIWYG controls.
  • Highly secure.
  • Easy Google Analytics integration.
  • Unlimited user-generated micro-sites.
  • Drag and Drop page and section building.
  • Intelligent searching and reporting.
  • Marketing campaign creation with integrated email.
  • Unlimited customizable forms to collect and display data.
  • Powerful Themes system to change appearances for all media devices.
  • Dynamic site map and automatic navigation.
  • eCommerce with a fully integrated engine that includes multiple currencies, multi-part product bundles, stock control, shopping cart, shipping and tax calculations, payment gateway integration and more.
  • Role-based Administration with multi-level access.

For a complete list of features including details for developers and end-users, please use this link.

clearString is built on a Windows foundation for ease of maintenance in a business environment and has multiple hosting options from high security Intranet through to the unlimited capacity of Amazon Cloud Services. Robust, affordable training is available direct from clearString in the USA and UK.

The software can be controlled and implemented by a small set of employees. Creating landing pages or micro sites is a breeze and can then be utilized by the marketing teams to quickly implement new marketing ideas to the benefit of the company.

clearString is not dependent on .NET or customized coding but instead uses the best of the best current technologies to integrate web design, data integration, user management and security into a proprietary licensed software suite designed for one-click install onto Windows platforms. clearString is very competitively priced with an Enterprise license for the Content Management System with an unlimited number of concurrent users, unlimited records and unlimited public access at under $10,000 per server.

clearString web development software makes it effortless to build highly functional websites and apps and still have full control over style, design and appearance. clearString dynamically writes the code to automatically build the site or application around the content. The sites and applications run on any Windows machines or a bare bones Cloud or Hosted server. There is no additional web development software to buy – use any standard web browser to perform all the tasks. Also, there are no additional license costs for an unlimited number of developers and system users.

With so much to offer, do you think clearString can become the next big thing for your business?

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Farhan Niazi is an experienced web strategist with a passion for blogging. He lives in Auckland, New Zealand and is currently working for Millennium Hotels and Resorts, New Zealand as their eCommerce Manager. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter.

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