Multi-Function Printers Provide Big Business Capabilities to Small Businesses

Only a decade ago, a new business owner was forced to shop for a fax machine, copier, printer, and scanner before opening shop. The option of taking some of these functions off-site to a business support center helped some start-ups, but for small businesses required to scan and print on an ongoing basis, this can be both costly and time-consuming.



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Multi-Function Printers Provide Big Business Capabilities to Small Businesses


The emergence of multi-function printers has shifted the workplace, allowing businesses to keep fax capabilities while embracing new technologies, such as scan-to-e-mail. The HP Officejet Pro X series, which is available at Staples and, goes beyond these functionalities, adding in duplex printing capabilities and lightning-fast speeds (speeds which got them into the Guinness Book of World Records!)  to help businesses operate efficiently.

Small Businesses Compete

Technology has given entrepreneurs the ability to start a small business from a home office or shared space, without clients ever realizing it. Because of this, small businesses can compete with their much larger counterparts without having to obtain a high-dollar investment. When combined with Cloud-based solutions for accounting, billing, and business operations, printing can give businesses with employees numbering from one to one thousand and one the ability to operate without an I.T. staff or a large up-front expense.

The ability to print and scan high-quality images is important, as well. Whether a small business is providing copies of a PowerPoint presentation to a roomful of conference session attendees or designing a flyer for distribution at a local event, multi-function printers offer small businesses the ability to print high-quality documents without outsourcing to a printing service. Using the wide variety of cartridges available at Staples locations, these businesses can rush out for a cartridge for that last-minute print job.

Wireless Print

For small businesses that regularly welcome visitors, the ability to print wirelessly is essential. Using HP ePrint, small businesses have access to an e-mail address specific to their printer. The print job is sent from a mobile device with the item to be printed attached. For in-house staff, HP’s new line of printers can be easily shared with the entire workgroup for easy installation.

Another benefit of wireless printing for small business owners is the ability to print from anywhere in the country. If a worker is out of state for a meeting, for instance, that worker can print to the office printer, allowing another colleague access to the printed copy.

Conserving Resources

One of the biggest pros of a multi-function printer like the HP Officejet Pro X467dn is the ability to conserve printing costs. While most offices will likely never be 100 percent paperless, all-in-one printers allow businesses to scan-to-e-mail, sending paper documents to clients and colleagues for viewing on their mobile devices or PCs.

With the full line of HP Officejet Pro X multi-function and single-function printers in Staples stores nationwide, small business owners can personally review the features of each piece of equipment before purchasing. All of the printers in HP’s Officejet Pro X line provide small businesses the ability to create high-quality print jobs that allow them to take on their biggest competitors for those high-dollar jobs.

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