The Importance of Follow Up: Lessons From A Little Yellow Letter (Video)

Often times in small business there is one major reason that we are not getting more leads and customers; it’s lack of follow-up. As small business owners we get busy handling all the day-to-day functions that keep our business going. Sometimes we forget or say, “Hey – I’ll just do that tomorrow”, and then tomorrow becomes the next day and then before you know it a month has gone by and now follow-up just seems silly. But follow-up is an essential part of growing your business that you can’t just toss aside.

Check out this video on a why follow up is so important and how it could have changed the outcome for my friend looking for a donation to her great cause.


See why it’s so important to follow up?! Everyone gets busy, so don’t assume that you’re being ignored or that the person you’re trying to connect with isn’t interested. Follow up and stay present in their field of vision. Use a CRM solution to help create a program you to ensure that you are not overly reaching out to them, but reaching out to them in the most effective way possible.

Once you create a system and add follow up as a standard in your business, you just might see a higher rate of conversion in sales and long term customers / clients.

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