Two Apps That Make Syncing Contacts To Your Mobile Device a Breeze

Contact Syncing Apps

Contact Syncing Apps

Smartphones are an indispensable communication device, but ensuring that all of your contacts that sit on your computer appear on your mobile device, and are up to date, can be tedious. This is where contact syncing applications can help. 

A contact syncing application automatically updates information on contacts listed on your mobile phone from other data points such as your business email, central business contact list and social networking accounts. We’ve talked about syncing applications before on, but with technology changing so fast, and new services being introduced every day, we wanted to point out two new contact syncing applications that offer some unique benefits.

Easygrouper – There are several contact syncing applications in the market, but what sets the recently launched Easygrouper apart from the pack is that it simultaneously organizes and updates business contact lists on all mobile phones being used by your employees. Relevant business information including numbers, addresses, email and designation is stored in the cloud and pushed to the app activated mobile phones. Also instead of having to inform the administrative manager for a change of contact details, employees can can simply edit their contact profiles for the information to be updated on all devices at the same time. Of course contact information changes can also be managed centrally so that everyone in the office has the latest contact details. 

David Alison, Executive Vice President for the parent company of EasyGrouper LLC says, “I have a passion helping businesses succeed in today’s competitive market. The inspiration for EasyGrouper was born out of my own personal frustration with not having critical company and employee information at my fingertips when I was out of the office. EasyGrouper solves that problem”.

With Easygrouper business contacts are automatically stored as a separate group. Groups can also be created based on business roles or geographical location. The application is a great way to share information, schedule meetings with employees that may not have a work email address or are constantly on the move. The status feature allows you to communicate your availability to other colleagues and with a single tap you can call, message or email a contact.

The application can be used at no cost for 45 days.The paid package starts at $15 a month for up to 25 users and the Easygrouper pro package, which starts at $30 a month, comes with the added feature of broadcast group messaging/ emailing. 

Sync.ME – Another increasingly popular free contact syncing application available for iOS and Android mobile devices. What makes this an effective app is the large number of users ( 7 million with more than 1 billion contacts synced per week). Each user defines a ‘Me card’ which controls the information that others using the Sync.Me service can view. It automatically syncs your mobile phone with updates made by other Sync.Me users that are part of your contact list. It also shares information updated by your contacts on social networks such as Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. So you automatically get a profile picture, the latest employment information and contact details as well as birthday reminders all integrated on your mobile device.

For growing businesses with limited manpower resources, contact syncing application can reduce the administrative burden of manually updating vital business contact information.In addition, apps allow creative, and easy, ways to make the most of your contacts, like adding faces to the names. All of these apps and services provide a great way to manage your employees and client information while on the go, so you don’t miss a beat!

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