Two Services That Help Create A Cohesive Online Brand Between Your Web and Social Media Sites

Few things display how well a business is run better than cohesion. So when you create your social media pages, what could be better than to design them exactly how you’ve designed your website to maintain a cohesive online brand? When your social media is so perfectly integrated that Twitter or Facebook reflects your business website, it can leave a real, lasting impression on consumers.

GoDaddy, a well-known giant in providing domain names, recently partnered with Twitter to better integrate the web and the social media staple service. By joining a Twitter account with GoDaddy’s Website Builder Business Plus plan (or by creating one directly through the plan), the Twitter account is automatically converted to match the website. This includes refreshing the page theme, matching website colors and images and updating your contact information so that it includes your business name and information. And for those creating a Twitter account, handles corresponding with your domain name are generated as a list of suggestions.


Infusionsoft’s GroSocial is another gateway into creating the perfect social media experience to integrate into your website. Using either predesigned templates or starting from scratch, users are able to create Facebook pages, Timeline covers, and Twitter backgrounds to match their business or anything else they can imagine. Created through a drag-and-drop designers, GroSocial makes developing promotions, sweepstakes, and photo and video contests simple, leaving you more time to focus on your business and less on running your social media.

It’s important that a business’ online profile, regardless of the platform it appears on, conveys a consistent brand and design. With the web becoming a larger and larger portion of a business’ total presence, glaring disconnect between these online services that you want consumers to pass through ends up as a roadblock for your business. Therefore, it’s imperative that if your business considers social media as a way to expand their online presence, that these services blend as seamlessly with your business as possible. And with these two services able to help you define your social media experiences as an extension of your business or service, consumers are sure to take notice.


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Dimitri Jordan

Dimitri Jordan is a student working on a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology and a second in Ancient Studies. He is also a freelance writer, often concerned with concepts in technology and media.

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