10 Ways To Build Stronger Networking Relationships

Many of us do a lot of networking. We schmooze at events, get drunk on LinkedIn and are on the hunt for that next professional who can help our businesses or our individual lives grow.

There’s a free eBook out, from VIPorbit, 10 Ways to Build a Better Business Network. Designed for anyone using contact management software, the eBook outlines clear strategies for developing more effective relationships and offers tips and techniques for increasing their competitive edge. To download, visit http://www.viporbit.com/campaigns/freeebookoffer/.

“A person’s net worth is often defined by their network. Think of this eBook as a User Manual for building a better network, specifically for those using a contact management application,” said Mike Muhney, CEO and inventor of VIPorbit for Mac, iPhone and iPad, and co-inventor of ACT! software for Windows.

Here’s some of the tips you should note:

  1. Make Stronger Connections. Your net worth is used on your network. Making stronger connections with those in your network is a long-term investment. A hand shake and a business card is NOT a relationship.
  2. Define Your Orbits. “Orbits” describes the groups of people who are connected to you, not just by happenstance, but by strong reciprocal bonds and common goals.
  3. Organize Your Orbits. The road to meaningful relationships is paved, not with good intentions, but with successful strategies.
  4. Track Your Interactions. Simple doesn’t mean easy, but anything worth doing is worth doing well.
  5. Stay in Touch. Staying in touch helps others keep you top-of-mind.
  6. Make Messages “Them-Centric”. Don’t work so hard to communicate what’s important to you. Instead, make strong connections by focusing on what’s important to others.
  7. Fit in Face-Time. Find creative ways to fit in “Face Time” into activities that you would be doing anyway.
  8. Sift Your Orbits. Having the right people in your Orbits requires sifting out the wrong ones.
  9. Add Depth and Breadth. Orbits don’t exist apart from your social network but rather within them. Don’t stop with an invitation to connect. Delve deeper to create the kinds of meaningful connections that matter.
  10. Start Your Own Orbital Journey. Don’t just plan…DO!

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