5 Ways You Can Treat Special Customers Special and Increase Sales.

When I look at the mail coming into our home, I chuckle at the incoming flood of magazines and other things that are coming in.

Chocolate catalogs, flower catalogs and all sorts of things. Of course these companies all want my dollars and your dollars this time of HUGE spending – for gift giving.

There’s a lot of things you can do this Holiday season to drive more sales. Here’s a few tips:

  1. Focus a lot on your EXISTING customers. Make them feel special. Gift cards are one way to do it. “Increasingly, we’re finding smaller merchants take their cues from big box retailers about how to market and sell to their customers,” said Travis Priest, vice president of value added services at Mercury Payment Systems, LLC, a leading payment technology and service provider for small to mid-sized businesses. “Local businesses have always had an edge on mega-retailers by being able to offer better customer service and a more positive in-store experience. Increasingly, they have access to technology tools integrated directly into their point-of-sale system that helps them leverage this advantage and reach out to more shoppers.”
  2. Incentize your EXISTING customers to tell their friends about you. Reward them for referrals to your business. Enable them to make referrals online (through email or social media) and even offline. Give them a postcard to send a friend a discount on YOUR services or products.
  3. In a retail store you know you can treat new shoppers warmly and welcome returning customers back with a friendly “welcome back”. You can do this online as well. Your web program can customize it so that returning customers get a special message – maybe customized with their name. New customers, get a special discount if they order “today”.
  4. When customers have a problem, don’t find blame, find a solution – like Starbucks does in their stores.
  5. Find ways to give extra perks to your customers. These perks need not be costly but can be very low cost. What about hiring a massage therapist to serve customers in your store on slow days. How about free dog walks for customers’ dogs?
  6. BONUS: Don’t be afraid of your competition, yet definitely recognize that you do have competition. When people are shopping they want to ensure they are getting a good deal and won’t find what they are looking for at a better price, or better value, at the competition. Educate your customers and ensure they know why shopping with you is a good thing.

If you are using a customer relationship management system (such as Infusionsoft -my employer) you can do customer delight – automatically and not worry about missing out on these kind of opportunities.


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