Docstoc Reveals New Website Design and Features To Enhance User Experience

Docstoc, the online database of millions of documents and tens of thousands of pieces of original content, including business videos, courses, customizable contracts, guides / info-graphics & document packages, has recently revealed a new design and layout of its website that offers a cleaner look and easier navigable experience for it’s users.

The redesign, according to Docstoc, “completes our evolution to become the premier destination to start and grow small businesses”. The service currently has over 38 million users and services over 28 million small businesses across the United States.

Hosting over 20 million professional documents and resources to aid people in their small business endeavors, Docstoc is offered on a tiered basis, with monthly and yearly membership that allows access to swathes of documents on marketing campaigns, how to write a business plan, market research tips and small business statistics.

As part of the redesign,  search functions have been refined to become more intuitive and faster with the semantic search engine that connects businesses. Additionally, there are new filter choices, which allow users to whittle down their searches to a more specific criteria.

Also added is the ability for Users to create folders on their profile in which they can store important documents that they may need to access quickly. This aids in the ease of use of the site for the user, saving them tremendous amounts of time finding the information they need.

Docstoc has also incorporated their own business license database, License123, and the recommendations and reviews that the company has built up on Best Vendor into the website as an additional tool for users.

The premium membership has been broken down into three options. A one month membership costs $19.95 while three months is $14.95; you will be billed for the three months total in one transaction. A 12 month membership works on a similar plan but is the most affordable at $9.95, with Docstoc encouraging members to use the service on a more long term basis.

Docstoc’s new design and functionality of the site has certainly given it an edge in the market place that puts it slightly above the rest.

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