Are You Overwhelmed with Tasks. Here’s Four Ways To Help with Task Management

According to the enterprise work management survey conducted by AtTask, which looked at the underlying reasons that workers miss deadlines, need to work overtime and/or lose confidence and morale for the companies they work for, nearly three in five workers – approximately 60 percent – are either completely overwhelmed or barely meeting their deadlines.

There’s a few things I do to boost productivity:

  • A task management tool, like AtTask or Asana is a MUST to ensure you can manage the many “to do’s” on your to do list.
  • Maximizing your calendar is also critical. I ensure that not only do I enter information in my calendar but I review it the week before to ensure I’m on track that week and can plan out the coming week.
  • Simple things like disciplining myself to charge all my gadgets is a big productivity booster. Nothing unproductive like having a notebook computer with 20 minutes of charge left!
  • Scheduling time for “busy work” is always important. Not only do I use my calendar to keep appointments, but I also use it to make appointments that are just “me time”.

Here’s an AtTaks infographic on “work”

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