Love Video? Your Customers Do Too. 3 Ideas To Use Video To Increase Shopping.

Animoto is an online and mobile video creation tool that enables companies to create a digital holiday card quickly and easily, using photos and video clips they already have. Here’s 3 tips from them in how you can use video during the holidays.

Showcase company culture: Video is a great option for highlighting what makes your company unique. Whether it’s office antics or holiday potlucks, giving your customers a window into what life is like at your company helps to generate brand awareness for your business.

Share appreciation for customers: A video thanking customers and showing appreciation for their business can go a long way in encouraging loyalty and creating repeat customers.

Drive traffic to your website for sales or promotions: Video is a great way to promote sales or free gift wrapping or shipping for the holidays. Including Animoto’s Call-to-Action button is a great way to encourage people viewing your video to take the next step and purchase.

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