Small Biz Big Things Denver with Chris Brogan Dec 10 #smallbizbigthings

Denver small business owners are going to get a huge dose of practical marketing insight with Infusionsoft’s Small Biz Big Things Denver launching in Denver on December 10th.

Chris Brogan, online marketing celebrity and genius, keynotes this first event, where he’ll share his best practices and practical tips in growing your business online and offline.

Here’s a few things you’ll learn:

  • Scale your business for growth
  • Keep your customers longer
  • Increase sales
  • Graduate to next-level marketing
  • Mimic the best in small business
  • And ‘sophisticate’ your branding

In addition to Chris Brogan, other speakers include:

Travis Campbell , publisher of,  who will share his years of insight helping companies not only get found online but how to make MONEY online as well

Ramon Ray, best selling author and Technology Evangelist at will give you his key steps to attracting traffic to your company and generating more sales.

Zach Mangum, head of social media management company GroSocial will bring his years of experience in helping thousands of business owners build profitable businesses using social media.

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