Top 10 CRM Tools For Small Business and Tips To Find The One For You

Every business, small and large, needs to have some method to keep track of, and manage, their customers and contacts. While for some small businesses using a simple contact manager is sufficient, many find that those lack the additional bells and whistles that allow them to create better interaction between their business and customers or potential customers. This is where a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system comes into play and here is a list of the Top 10 CRM tools for small business.

There are a number of CRM systems on the market, all with many of the same essential tools to manage your customers and communications you have with them, but each sporting and offering little ‘extras’ to take your business to the next level. Here are some key things to consider when choosing a CRM for your business:

  • Does the CRM fit your business wants and needs? Because each small business is so different, what extras you’ll want will differ and you should concentrate on finding a system that offers the extras you want to manage your customer base.
  • Is the system intuitive and easy to use? As with any software, if the system you choose is not intuitive and easy to use, you will either spend exuberant amounts of time trying to set-up and learn the system or even worse, you won’t use it at all.
  • Does the system integrate with your other software and processes? Many CRM systems have the ability to integrate with other business tools and systems. Find one that works with your existing tools to make the process more simple for you and your employees.

Managing your customers and the communications you have with them allows you the ability to better connect and provide a more personal experience. It streamlines the marketing process for your business and opens a number of opportunities to ‘touch’ your customers and create more sales opportunities.


About Carolyn Crummey

Carolyn Crummey is a business and technology strategist and the owner of VirTasktic (, an agency dedicated to providing high-level virtual services to small businesses and entrepreneurs. A lover of technology and small business, Carolyn has built a career on the intelligent use of technology to increase business efficiency and productivity, which ultimately leads to greater profitability. Carolyn works closely with her clients to understand their challenges and helps them integrate the best technology solutions into their businesses so they too can enjoy great successes. You can follow Carolyn on Twitter at @CarolynCrummey or @VirTasktic.