Twitter’s Advertising Value Continues to Grow: Tweet Based on Zip Codes

Twitter is an amazing tool to connect with other folks – in a different way than Twitter. We all know this. But I’m also impressed with the speed in which it is rolling out new advertising services that can help really small business owners engaged and better reach their desired audience.

Twitter recently announced the following:

Recently, we introduced the ability to target US postal codes (zip codes). See how this new tool can help your business.

What’s the benefit?
Now you can reach an audience in very specific US locations by refining your targeting selections with postal codes.

Is this tool right for me?
This tool is helpful for advertisers with highly granular geo-targeting needs. For example, a retailer with multiple locations can now promote relevant offers to customers that live near a specific store.

Protip: While geo-targeting can put your ads in front of a highly specific audience, that specificity limits the reach of your campaign. Maximize your campaign performance by only using geo-targeting when necessary.

How can I use it?
Simply enter the 5-digit U.S. postal code in the “Choose locations” section of campaign set up.

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