Why Email Will Slow Your Business. Why Integrated Communication Tools Like Contatta Are A Must.

I just finished having a look at a new communication and collaboration suit – Contatta co-founded by the father of ACT! and his son.

There’s several communication and collaboration tools in this space  – including Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365.

These tools focus primarily on email and team collaboration.

You them move to another set of tools that get closer to (and are) CRM, such as Infusionsoft, Batchbook, Salesforce, Zoho, Nimble, Insight.ly SageOne, Salesforce .

The category that’s getting pretty interesting is this mixture of the two – which is where Contatta, fits in.

Contatta, is not just email but a delicious blend of scheduling of tasks and events (now I use Gmail and Asana), Relationships Buckets (well that’s what Infusionsoft and other CRM tools are all about), Social Feeds (isn’t this what Nimble excels at), File Management (heck I use Dropbox for this) and more.

For those businesses that are JUST using email and a myriad of other tools we are NOT being as productive as we can be.

Now what we do at Smallbiztechnology.com is pretty simple, compared to many of you. We produce content. Our need for project management, tasks and other things are minimal. Just me and one other person need to collaborate.

However, for those of you with 3, 5, 15, 20 people in your company all needing to communicate and collaboration as efficiently as you can, a solution like Contatta is something that you’ve probably been looking for.

It’s not easy knowing what software solutions can power your business, the NY Times wrote about this here.

However, as I speak about in my 11 Technology Rules for Business Success presentation speaking with an expert can help. An expert who knows about technology but who more importantly knows about business.

I think the best solution for small businesses is as follows:

1. Have your BASIC communication and collaboration solution – such as Contatta.

2. Determine if you need a more robust solution for marketing and sales, such as Infusionsoft (my employer)

3. Determine if you need a robust financial management solution such as QuickBooks.

These are the CORE of any software combination that the “average” small business might need.

No go off and slay some giants!

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