Why Retailers Are Ditching Cash Registers In Favor of Tablets and Web Browsers?

More retailers are doing away with old school cash registers and instead using tablets and/or computers and a web browser.

Why is this?

  1. Web based “cash registers” provide retailers with real time information about their customers in ways traditional cash registers can’t.
  2. For multi-chain stores their data sharing is near instant as all the information is store online.
  3. Tablets provide a much richer experience for the cashier, over the clunky buttons and old fashioned interface of a cash register
  4. Retailers can easily connect and extend to other systems – 3rd party apps and more.

One new entrant to this field is Springboard Retail which recently announced the public launch of its web-based POS and retail management system designed to help retailers sell more, more profitably. “Our software leverages the web to provide real time data to the retail enterprise and equip them with the tools to turn that information into incremental sales,” said Gordon Russell, founder and CEO of Springboard Retail. “In order for retailers to sell more in their stores they must develop and nurture the relationship with their customers across all channels and our software was designed and built to help achieve this.”

ShopKeep POS is another system which enables retailers to be “lean” as found in this resources from ShopKeep, the Lean Retailer.




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