Why You Should Ditch Old Intuit Quickbooks and Use Fresh Intuit Quickbooks Online

I’ve been using Quickbooks for a long time to manage the finances of Smallbiztechnology.com.

The problem I found with Quickbooks is that it was the only software that slowed my computer.

Other than my web browser and a few other tools such as Dropbox and Carbonite – Quickbooks was the only software I used. The benefit of using Quickbooks online (or any other online software) is that you can access it from anywhere you have access to the Internet and now the online software does not slow my computer down.

Recently, Quickbooks massively upgraded Quickboks Online – it’s fresh, it’s new, feature rich and looks darn good. I’ve ditched Quickbooks (with a bit of nervousness) and now use Quickbooks online.

According to Intuit’s press release, QuickBooks Online is now faster and easier to use than ever.

The engaging new design is not only beautiful, but also built for better functionality. The latest version streamlines business tasks to boost efficiency and help save small businesses time. Customized data now appears in a visual manner that is informative and easy-to-understand. Enhanced features include:

  • Simple set-up and easy to learn, intuitive functions for any small business
  • Fast performance, offering real-time data and reports
  • Scalable solutions to fit the needs of any size small business
  • The power of QuickBooks with the benefits of the Intuit accountant ecosystem

“I was happy with QuickBooks Online before, but when I saw the new version, I was blown away,” said Laura Redmond, founder of Redmond Accounting. “It’s sleek, fast, and simple and the layout is clean and fresh.”

Open and Integrated Platform

The online version of QuickBooks has been rebuilt as an open platform. For small businesses, this simplifies work by integrating all of Intuit’s powerful business management tools under one umbrella. The QuickBooks Online platform includes Intuit’s robust small business tools, including Payroll and Payments, which are now interconnected and built into the online version of QuickBooks. The open platform design allows third parties and app developers to create small business applications that are available to nearly 500,000 QuickBooks Online subscribers, which boast more than 1.3 million users, giving customers the ability to customize the online version of QuickBooks to meet their specific business needs, while providing them access to data across applications. The QuickBooks Online platform offers a range of collaborative tools including:

  • Access to Intuit’s accounting, payments and payroll add-on solutions through one login, from a computer, iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets
  • Real-time data updates enabling immediate accountant or bookkeeper collaboration
  • Large-scale app integration and access to Intuit’s Apps.com, one of the largest and most diverse small business apps marketplaces

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