Your Mother Used Coupons. You Love Coupons. Why Aren’t You Offering them to YOUR CUSTOMERS?

Digital Coupons from Constant Contact

Digital Coupons from Constant ContactWe all have been through the “daily deal” rush with Groupon and other companies. And these daily deals have some value, for some times for some businesses. However, EVERYONE loves a coupon. “Come to our store and get x discount”. Pretty simple.

Constant Contact continues their quest to help small businesses and through their SaveLocal service is now offering online coupons for online businesses. I can’t wait until you can PRINT the coupons and use them in a retail store too – but I suspect ShopKeep could help with that?

Check out Constant Contact’s new service below in their press release:

Over 100 million US adults are forecasted to use digital coupons in 2014, and 92 percent of American consumers say local deals are here to stayConstant Contact®, Inc. (NASDAQ: CTCT) now gives small businesses the power to offer both with today’s launch of fully trackable and customizable digital coupons. Complemented by deals from SaveLocal, the digital coupons launch presents Constant Contact customers with the most robust and intelligent offers service for small businesses on the market.

The combination of deals and digital coupons gives small businesses the ability to offer the perfect type of discount mapped to their particular goals and objectives from one central and integrated resource. Whether they are looking for upfront sales with a deal (larger discounts requiring advanced purchase) or a steadier stream of profit over time with a coupon (traditionally smaller discounts which do not require advance purchase), small businesses can tap into the increasing consumer demand for offers of all kinds within their Constant Contact account.

“Offers have become an essential tool for small businesses looking to attract and retain customers,” said Dave Wachtendonk, product manager, SaveLocal at Constant Contact. “We recently found that small businesses find deals to be the most effective tool to attract new customers, and coupons are a classic and proven revenue-boosting technique. Managing them both from one place ensures that small businesses can test to see what works for their brand and track results for future campaigns.”

Like deals, the digital coupons will be fully trackable. Small businesses will be able to see the number of claims, how and where they were shared, and when claims are redeemed.  Additionally, they can determine which claims came from new customers and where new customers found the promotion. Contact information for everyone who claims a coupon is added directly into the small business’s Constant Contact account, opening up the opportunity to engage with coupon users in the future. For the small businesses owner on the go, coupon tracking will also be available via the SaveLocal mobile app.

“Two of the most important results from running coupon and deal campaigns are revenue boosts and new potential for long-term customers,” said Wachtendonk. “And full tracking capabilities means the difference between ‘spray and pray’ marketing tactics of the past and intelligent, targeted marketing. For example, seeing whether Facebook or email drives more coupon redemptions gives small businesses valuable insights into where they should focus future marketing efforts.”

To learn more about Constant Contact’s offers-creation products, visit SaveLocal here.

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