200 Million HP LaserJets Printers- Is Your Office Paper Less Or Not?

Last month HP celebrated the shipment of its 200 Millionth LaserJet printer – a staple item in offices all across the world.

With the rise of digital communications, many professionals and pundits envisioned a world of “paper less” communication. However, clearly paper is a necessity in most industries and a preference in many others.

The blend of both worlds is that printers enable the creation of paper documents but many can also scan and turn paper documents into digital files. Many of today’s printers can also be assigned email address to print more easily from mobile devices. You’ve probably observed that may multi-function printers with screens are “app enabled” and can printer information from the Internet via built in apps – such as Evernote, Google Documents and more.

Check out this infographic from HP on the evolution of the printer.

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