3 Great Content Marketing Services for Small Business Online Marketing (@Outbrain @GroSocial @Dispop)

Online advertising is one of the lowest cost and easiest ways to reach an audience.

Within minutes you can upload an advertisement and have it displayed to thousands of people across the Internet on web pages or on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

Dispop helps you retarget a display advertisement to visitors who might have been to your web site. I’m testing it our for RamonRayLive.com

You’ve probably seen this done many times. You’re shopping for shoes at Macy’s and then see an advertisement for those shoes and/or for Maccy’s on another web site.

If you don’t want to do retargeting you can just do a display advertisement on the web or Facebook as well.

What I like about Dispop is that it’s simple to use. Another feature of Dispop is that they can help you create a banner advertisement as well and help optimize it throughout the life of your online advertising campaign.

Outbrain is a great platform for helping you syndicate your content to other web sites.

For those of who you have a steady stream of content or maybe just a few pieces of content that are good – you can use Outbrain to syndicate that great content to other web sites.

This draws traffic to your web site and helps extend your brand and thought leadership.

GroSocial is for those of you looking to build deeper engagement with your audience, and have lead generation and contests on Facebook.

You can do a lot more with GroSocial such as build customer Twitter and Facebook profiles, measure social analytics and more. I used GroSocial to make my Twitter profile look better and to create a contest on Facebook.com/Smallbiztechnology.com for my book, “Facebook Guide Small Business Marketing

You can of course always go directly to Google and publish display or cost per click advertising; Twitter; or LinkedIn. Companies such as Federated Media or advertising networks that can also help you spread your message around the web.

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