5 Reasons Social Shopping Increases Your Profit Per Customer (A Look at @ShopSocially)

You fight, scratch and claw to get that one new customer to come to your web site. They shop around and leave. What a shame.

Don’t only invest in attracting customers to your website BUT but also invest in KEEPING customers on your web site and encouraging them to buy more.

ShopSocialy has a nice array of apps that you can embed in your web site to drive deeper engagement with shoppers who are on your web site.

Some of my favorite apps that they have include:

  • Ask A Friend – you can allow your shoppers to get input from their friends.
  • Share A Purchase – once someone buys from you let them share that purchase with a few hundred of their best friends
  • Share On Mobile – encourage your customers to use their mobile devices to share their products with others
  • ShopSocially is the kind of power tool that every ecommerce web site MUST have in order to go from selling to power selling.

Here’s why social shopping is important

  1. Your customer want to get advice from their friends
  2. After the purchase customer want to share their purchase with others
  3. You can provide incentives for customers to share comments about their purchases with others – driving even more engagement
  4. Happy customers are your best sales team. Unleash them.
  5. Turn your products into a conversation and watch sales increase

4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Social Shopping Increases Your Profit Per Customer (A Look at @ShopSocially)

  1. Justuno.com

    Hi Ray! Nice review, but, you should take a look at @Justunosocial (www.justuno.com) . We’ve been around longer, and have a more robust feature set than Shop Socially. Take a look some time, and we’ll give you a free account to use! corey@justuno.com

      • Justuno.com

        Well, I’ll preface this with the statement, “I am completely biased”, as I work for Justuno. That said, I’m also objective, and honest. 🙂

        It should be “all-in-one”, meaning, companies shouldn’t nickle-and-dime you for additional “social apps” that should be included in one robust platform, complete with analytics, A/B testing, multiple concurrent promos, multiple channels (ie, Justuno has social offers for 9 social channels, for one low price, and these are not “separate apps”). Managing multiple “apps” is a headache… and pricey.

        It should be fully customizable, so that you can use CSS editing to build it into your site (via custom banners, or pop-outs), or you can upload your own custom graphic tabs, or you can use our built in WYSIWYG to create attractive social offers. Take a look at ShopJeen’s creativity: http://goo.gl/JZ1Eal

        Finally, it should be cost-effective. Justuno’s most expensive plan (per “social action”) is $0.09 a Fan/Share/Email (compared to up-to $.50/per email for ShopSocially’s Get-a-Fan).



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