5 Retail Store Strategies You Can Learn To Boost Profits In Your Business.

Retailers are master at sales. They have products on their store shelves and MUST get them out of the door and get your cash into their cash registers. If you’re small business IS in retail you probably know many of the tricks of the trade. If you’re in the services business you might know know what retailers do to get you to buy more, as reported in the Wall Street Journal.

Although the tactics that retailers use might appear and/or be a bit “icky” they work and cause you and me to buy more.

I think you should consider using some of these retail “tricks” in your business operations. NOT as a way to trick or deceive customers, but some of these “tricks” are just common sense.

Here’s the five tricks retailers use,. watch the WSJ video for the entire story (only about 5 minutes).

  • Really friendly sales clerks.
  • Appealling to your children.
  • One expensive item next to a more expensive item.
  • Bargain Bins.
  • Price things one cent short of a whole number.

For those of you who are selling online these tricks (or concepts) are not hard to implement if you are using CRM. Amazon.com is a MASTER at selling online. By leveraging the power of CRM you can be a “mini-Amazon.com” and sell more online. Check out the more about using CRM to grow your business, from Infusionsoft here.

Can you appeal to someone’s child online, the same way you could if they walked into a retail store? Of course not. But you can use surveys and custom landing pages to better serve the customer’s needs, depending on the TYPE of customer they are.

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