Bad Online Reviews About Your Business? Four Things NOT To Do

We all know that movie reviews are wrong – they most always are. However, we do know that when someone posts a bad comment about your business, product or service on a review site, it’s NOT good.

When you get several bad reviews or low star ratings things get worse worse. Many people DO look at online reviews before buying – reviews do impact if people do or do not buy from you.

However, there are a few things you should NOT DO, based on an analysis of thousands of local businesses featured on the platform. Locality is a web site which helps consumers compare prices, hours, and reviews on all of their favorite local services (like haircuts, massages, and oil changes).

Locality CEO Jay Shek developed a list of four crucial mistakes that small business owners frequently make when responding to negative online reviews:

Local neighborhood guides often have red flags in place to find out when a business owner posts fake reviews. Don’t run the risk of being publicly shamed. It’s not worth it.

Negative responses, finger-pointing, and customer-blaming is a quick way to turn a bad online conversation into really bad buzz that hurts your bottom line. Instead, be constructive and find a solution.

Ask your loyal followers to review you online. Target red flags in customer service and nip them in the bud before they find their way to a review.

Don’t get stuck online — move the conversation offline. Contact the customer behind the negative review, hear them out, and offer a positive solution.

Want to encourage GOOD reviews about your business.

1. Just ask for them – good customers will gladly give you reviews.

2. Ensure you point your customers to the places online (and offline) they can use for reviews.

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