Congratulations to SCORE – 50 Years Helping Small Businesses Grow

A BIG congratulations to SCORE, who has provided 50 years of FREE help to small business owners.

SCORE, funded in part by the federal government, is a resource providing counselors in offices all across the USA. ‘

These counselors, former business owners, are experienced in business growth and freely give their advice to upcoming business owners. In addition SCORE also organizers webinars and online counseling as well.

I learned my business skills from reading Inc Magazine, listening to Joe Connolly of the Wall Street Journal and WCBS Radio, attending lots of business events, reading more and more and learning from mentors – namely Yacov Wrocherinsky of Infinity Info Systems; Bruce Director, a SCORE counselor; Vivian Rodrigues. I also learned from TSOHK – the school of hard knocks – and  making lots of mistakes.

SCORE helps ensure business owners start their businesses off right.

Who else is helping small businesses?

WIBO – Workshop in Business Opporutnities, Project Enterprise and others.


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