Hootsuite Celebrates 5 Years. 5 Reasons @Hootsuite Matters To Your Business

Hootsuite’s social management platform, is 5 years old.

Does it really matter? Yeah, in some ways it does.

  1. Hootsuite let’s you measure your social activities. Step 4 of my FREA social media presentation – is “analytics”
  2. Twitter is only now just beginning to add flexible and function features to its platform, Hootsuite was developed for this very reason (I think).
  3. Companies who rely on support staff to help them publish on social media need tools like Hootsuite, which provides multi user abilities.
  4. Hootsuite is an online application which means it and your settings are available from any web browser
  5. Being able to manage and monitor multiple accounts and hash tags is a MUST.




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