Innovative Ways to Market an App

Consumers have literally millions of mobile apps to choose from when downloading a new app to their smartphones. However, if you’re an app developer looking to stand out, this makes marketing more important than ever. Even if your app serves a uniquely valuable purpose, unless you have a way to get that message out to customers, your app is destined to fail. This is why it’s so important to find innovative ways to market an app.

With so many developers and apps crowding the marketplace, your marketing strategy needs to both hit marketing fundamentals while innovatively reaching your audience in ways your competition isn’t. Try some of the following ideas to market your app in ways other company’s don’t.

Start Early

Don’t wait until you’ve submitted your app for approval to begin generating buzz. Remember, your app is software. From game developers to account software designers, every type of software benefits from having the market warmed-up at its time of launch. Even though app purchase decisions are often made on the spur of the moment, the same principle applies to launching apps, too.

One way to do this is to spend time where your target customers hang out. Do they spend time on Reddit? Offer a Reddit-exclusive sneak preview and ask if there are any features potential users want you to add before launch. Contact websites that feature articles aimed at your audience and offer to do interviews or share sneak-previews.

You could also work on building an email list of potentially interested customers so you can alert them when your app launches, instantly getting a  sales boost.

Advertise In Your Apps

While this practice is very common in free-to-play games (that monetize through in-app-purchases), advertising your apps in other apps can raise awareness. Doing this has several benefits:

  • You’ll target users who you know are willing to pay for your apps because they’ve done it before

  • You’ll create awareness for your development team and generate more interest in apps sold by your company

  • You won’t have to pay expensive pay-per-click fees for advertising on other sites

  • You’ll naturally have a big increase in other app downloads

The actual method you want to use for in-app advertisements depends on your app and customers, so test a few methods and stick with the one that works best.

Get Reviews

Not only will reviews let your customers know your app is worth buying, it’ll also help to build your link profile and boost your SEO. If you want to know where to begin, check out this list of iOS review sites in order of their Alexa rating (and which will help your SEO the most).

Try YouAPPi (And Other Listing Services)

Just like you’d make sure your local business is listed on the right online directories, you need to make sure your app is listed in the right places, too. This will make it a lot easier for you to be able to track down. Sites like YouAppi allow you to get your app in front of the eyes of potential customers.

Investing in services like these usually aren’t free, but the additional downloads you’ll get make them more than worth it.

Advertise On Your Mobile Site

Does your business have a mobile site? An unobtrusive advertisement for your mobile app on your mobile site will naturally connect your smartphone, tablet, and other mobile-device users with your app.

Have a Great App

The most important thing you can do to promote your mobile app is to have an app worth promoting. Throwing together a cheap, buggy app designed to sell ad space isn’t going to fool anyone. The most successful apps offer users valuable content, functionality, and more.

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