Looking to Generate Qualified Leads from Social Media? Leadsift Has A New Solution

Other than a paying customer, the second best thing for any business is a qualified lead.

This is someone who is INTERESTED in the product or service you are selling and is qualified to buy it. If you are selling pool insurance, a qualified leads is not a millionaire who does not own a pool and hates water.

I’ve been looking at a new service from Leadsift which is a do it yourself service which helps you sift through conversations on Twitter (and possibly other social networks).

Instead of just using keywords to trigger an alert to you, Leadsift also analyzes the user’s profile, past posts and other information to give you the most qualified lead.

Leadsift goes beyond just helping you SELL through social media, but also to identify customer problems and find fans who just LOVE your product or service.

Here’s a bit more information on their lead scoring mechanism that’s pretty darn intense:

LeadSift would be nothing without data and insights. We’ve combined state-of-the art Natural Language Processing with human insights to gather information surrounding purchase intent and consumer behavior. We use this powerful approach to assign a score to every lead. LeadScore is a number between 1-100 that represents the relevance of a potential customer to your business. The more likely a person is to buy your product or service, the higher the LeadScore.

We currently use over 50 signals to identify and score leads from social data. The majority of the signals used to calculate the LeadScore is based on a combination of semantic analysis of a user’s post and domain knowledge. For example, someone saying “I need a car” is scored lower than another person making a specific mention of a car model, such as “Looking for a Honda Civic,” since the individual looking for the specific model is further along in the buying process.

For every lead identified, we analyze historical conversations from users’ public social profiles to further qualify them. Based on their past posts, we extract demographic data and predict the buying stage of a consumer, which is reflected in the LeadScore. For example, a person in the market for a new car, who already has a job and owns a house, would have a very high LeadScore.

Looking to go beyond “business as usual” on social media, check out Leadsift. Check out Infusionsoft’s Lifecycle Marketing for insight on how to go beyond social media but to NURTURE your leads and CONVERT them to customers.

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