Motivating Employees Is Important. Here’s How Technology Can Help. Startup Spotlight: Monitae

About 2 years ago I took swimming lessons. When the swimming teach would praise me for doing a stroke right, I’d feel so great inside. When she was silent – I was crushed – just like a dog or child would feel! Employees often need motivation as well. It keeps things lively, stimulates them and foster healthy competition.

Tracking progress and success of meeting goals is not easy. You could use a set of sticky notes on a piece of paper, or an Excel spreadsheet – but these arcane and manual methods might not be a great idea.

Monitae has a solution to help you track employee progress and incentives.

Here’s some background on Monitae.

Monitae a startup launching this month, lets users easily build up friendly productivity competitions, which deals with the issue of lack of motivation sometimes associated with employees.

The app is distributed through the web although mobile versions are planned to be launch mid 2014.

Here’s how Monitae works:

  1. A manager starts a contest in minutes using a very simple wizard.
  2. He can choose the metric he wants his team to focus on from our library (2500 KPIs) or create their own customized KPI (key performance indicator)
  3. The manager will then be able to set a goal for the team or create an individual goal for each participant.
  4. The scoring system allows the manager to set the points that the participants will be receiving (per units sold, per goal achieved, etc).
  5. If he needs to, Monitae can be integrated with the tool their employees are currently using.

That´s it, the contest is created and all the participants will receive a notification with the details. First results demonstrate that over 25% productivity improvements have been achieved by first beta testers.

Ready to bring some sanity to tracking incentives in your company?

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