Nelson Mandela Lived With Purpose and Left a Legacy. Is Your Business Purpose Driven and Ready for Legacy?

Nelson Mandela is dead – he’s reached a “ripe age” and has died full and in peace.

He met his challenges head on and did not let his unjust time in jail damper his spirit.

In fact he leveraged his time in prison as an education to propel him to leadership which was a catalyst for change in South Africa.

As a small business owner, no famous people give a darn about your business.

However you HAVE a community of customers, vendors, employees and your FAMILY. When all is said and done – will you and your business have lived with purpose and left a legacy?

In the almost 2 years I’ve worked at Infusionsoft, I’ve seen thousands of our customers who every day LIVE WITH PURPOSE. I’m honored to contribute to that professionally and in my own person life as well.

Mr. Mandela – thanks for your life and legacy.

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