The Federal Government Is Using Floppy Disks. Is YOUR Business Slowed By Old Technology?

Most thriving businesses are relatively up to date with “modern” technology. Maybe they’re not using Window 8, but they’re using Windows 7. Maybe they don’t have the latest tablet, but they have one that’s a few years old. Maybe they’re cell phone is not the latest on the market, but it’s IS a smartphone (thankfully). This is good.

However, what about those businesses who are technological laggards. Who due to fear, lack of education or a resistance to invest in their business are still using “old technology” to just get by?

Not investing in technology upgrades keeps your business under performing. You might be the savviest and most accomplish business person around – but if your computer is slow and your phone won’t connect to the internet your productivity IS severely hampbered. You know this and I know this.

In the case of the federal government, as written by the NY Times, maybe they have a excuse. However, what’s YOUR excuse.

In your marketing, are you stuck in just emailing customers and NOT using CRM. In your finances are you stuck in using a spreadsheet and not an online accounting solution?

2 thoughts on “The Federal Government Is Using Floppy Disks. Is YOUR Business Slowed By Old Technology?

  1. robertdodds

    That is unbelievable that the US government are using floppy disks.

    I think most people/businesses are scared of change.

    This is a big issue when it comes todisaster recovery plans. We find that some business owners don’t trust the idea of it, but the reality remains that 80% of all businesses that lose their data, will be out of business within 18 months.


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