Use Fun To Sell Products. The Power of Gamification To Sell.

Ramon looking at a L’Oreal makeup choosing app in a NYC Train Station

Some businesses are “fun” by nature and gaming is all about what they do.

Think about an amusement park.

The more you throw the basketball into the hoop the more chances you have to win some trinket.

However, what about a law firm, or design firm or other business that might be a bit more serious.

Using gamification to drive sales or leads is something that every business can consider.

Gamification is all about creating some fun action that drives a business purpose.

Maybe you’re a dog hotel owner. Why not have a weekly contest to see who can give dogs a hair cut the best? The winner’s dog gets a free night in your doggy hotel. See what I mean? Making it fun.

My friend Melinda Emerson writes in the NY Times how franchiser, French Fry Heaven, invested $14,000 in a mobile app.

The owner created the app, a game, to encourage his customers (and prospective customers) to choose which of his over 50 french fry topics they want. Melinda writes, Looking to spread the word, Mr. Nelowet developed a mobile game app that has helped educate customers about the store’s 50 different flavors. Players match ingredients with characters like Big Tater. If you complete the game, you go on to the next character — the goal is to unlock all 50 characters. Players can earn T-shirts and free French fries.


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