Wendy’s Stingy Ketchup Lesson: Saving Pennies Yet Losing Dollars In Your Business

I just ordered some food from Wendy’s. Here’s my experience with their being stingy with ketchup. Short video that might save you thousands of dollars, increase your customer delight and INCREASE profits in your business.

Watch the video here or below


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  • Ramon Darling

    which begs the question… are you going to boycott wendy’s? put your money where your mouth is!

  • Ramon Darling

    That’s like saying my vote doesn’t count in the general election. I, for one, am never eating Wendy’s again. *disclaimer, I’ve not eaten Wendy’s in over a decade

    In all seriousness, I love the point you make. As you well know, the myopic view often creates the most collateral damage. 😉

  • http://www.speakupforsuccess.com/ Jezra Kaye

    Great post, Ramon! But do the cheap Chinese restaurants in Brooklyn really skimp on condiments??? Over by me, they give you way too many little packets, proving your point: It’s the little things that create customer loyalty!

    • http://Smallbiztechnology.com/ Ramon Ray

      Hi Jezra – your smile is bigger than mine :)

      • http://www.speakupforsuccess.com/ Jezra Kaye

        LOL. Thanks, Ramon (even though your smile and energy are truly dazzling! :-)