Why Are Big Companies Courting Small Business Accountants?

Your accountant is your advisor, is your go to person for questions, is the guy who handles your MONEY, is the lady who helps you pay as less as you can to the IRS. I could go on.

Since your accountant plays such an important role in your business, big companies, selling financial services to small businesses (that’s you) are seeking them out for partnerships.

The latest in this journey is Sage One, who recently launched the Sage One edition for accountants.

Sage One Accountant Edition, an extension of Sage One, the online accounting, invoicing and task tracking solution for small businesses, links accountants seamlessly to their Sage One clients with one logon to Sage One. With anytime, anywhere access to client financial data, accountants will have the opportunity to develop deeper, more meaningful relationships with their clients, providing the proactive business advice that fuels small business growth. Sage One Accountant Edition is offered to accountants at no charge.

Intuit has had an program for accountants for years and Xero a relatively new entrant (in the US) to accounting solutions is also going after accountants.

Are you an accountant? These companies want you. Are you a small business owners? Understand the financial solutions available for your business and ask your accountant for their input.

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