Why Content Marketing and Customer Reviews Are So Important. New Study In NY Times Article

We know that customer reviews are important – which is why we agonize over Yelp and other review services.

The NY Times writes, Today, products are being evaluated more on their “absolute value, their quality,” Dr. Simonson said. Brand names mean less. The results suggest that companies should spend less money trying to shape consumer opinions in traditional ads, he said, and more on understanding what and who are shaping those opinions.

Here’s your two prong strategy of success:

1. Continue to market and advertise your business using paid advertising and great content marketing strategies

2. Ensure you have a strategy in place to solicit great customer reviews and respond to any negative reviews. Also ensure you can leverage positive reviews to ensure others see them.

Marketing and advertising continue to create awareness about your product and boost your brand. Customer reviews help other people who are considering buying from you, to buy from you.

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