3 Ways To Better Secure Your Data in 2014: It’s Time For Two Factor Authentication (Geeky But Important to Know)

Two factor authentication is wherein not only do you input a password and user name to access your account (something you know), but there’s one more bit of information you must supply as well – the second factor.

Many online services have a system which will txt a code to your cell phone and this code must be entered to access your account.

The Wall Street Journal reports on this and other security measures you should implement in this video – here or below.






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  • Mark Stanislav

    Pretty good overview but remember that two-factor authentication is achievable in a variety of ways and not just SMS messages with OTP. At Duo Security we even let users have a “push” notification go to their phone to allow them to easily tap a button to accept the request. While two-factor authentication in general is a positive step for consumers and professionals, it’s important to consider which solutions will fuel adoption.

    • http://Smallbiztechnology.com/ Ramon Ray

      Mark, awesome addition to the conversation – thank you!